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{name} ←  ⎕SE.Link.Notify args

When synchonisation is active, Link will call Notify each time it detects a change to a linked source file. If synchronisation is not enabled, you can use this function to bring an external change into the active workspace, to notify the link system that an external file has changed.

If the workspace and directories become un-synchronised, you are probably better off using Link.Resync to get a list of differences, or Link.Refresh to completely re-load the external source.


  • type of event that happened

    • 'created': new file
    • 'changed': update to existing file
    • 'renamed': a file or subdirectory got a new name
    • 'deleted': a file or directory was erased
  • path of affected file or directory

  • oldpath is the previous path

can be omitted for all but a rename event


  • If link updated an APL item, its full name is returned as a string. Otherwise an empty string is returned.