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]LINK.Export <ns> <dir> [-overwrite] [-casecode] [-arrays{=name1,name2,...}] [-sysvars]

msg ← {opts} ⎕SE.Link.Export (ns dir)

This function takes the same arguments as Link.Create but saves the contents of a namespace to directory without creating a Link.

If the source is an unscripted namespace, then the destination is interpreted as a directory.

If the source is anything else, then the destination is interpreted as a directory (and a correctly named file will be created there), unless it ends with a recognised extension (like .aplf), in which case it is interpreted as a file name.


  • ns : unscripted namespace or APL name
  • dir: directory or file name


  • overwrite: Allow overwriting existing files in the destination directory
  • other options have same effect as in Link.Create


  • String describing the exported source and destination, along with possible failures