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]LINK.Break [<ns>] [-all={#|⎕SE|*}] [-recursive={on|off|error}]

message ← {options} ⎕SE.Link.Break namespace

Breaks an existing link: Does not affect the contents of the active workspace except to remove all traces of the link, preventing any further synchronisation from taking place.


If you have enabled Pause Threads on Error and you have an application thread running which encounters an error, Link.Break can hang when the thread which is created to shut down the file system watcher becomes paused. If this happens, use IDE menu items to resume execution.


namespace is a list of namespace names as character vectors or references

In the user command, <ns> is a space-separated list of namespace names




By default (-all or -all=#), break links to all namespaces within the main workspace.

To break links to namespaces in the session space, use -all=⎕SE, and to break absolutely all links, -all=*.

Note that the list of namespaces is ignored when -all is used.



Break child namespaces too if they have separately defined links.


message is a simple character vector describing namespaces that were: - effectively unlinked - not linked in the first place - not found