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]LINK.Add <items>

message ← ⎕SE.Link.Add items

This function allows you to add one or more existing APL items to the link, creating the appropriate representation in the linked directory. Note that a source file will only be created or updated if the item is in a linked namespace.

This is useful to write a new or modified array to a source file: arrays are normally not written to file by Link.

It is also useful when a change has been made to a linked item using any mechanism other than the APL editor, for example the definition of a new dfn using assignment, or the use of )COPY to bring new objects into the workspace.


You can create or update an item from source while adding it to the Link by calling Link.Fix.


  • items is a simple character vector or nested vector of character vectors containing the names of items to be added to the link.
    In the user command, <items> is a space-separated list of names.


  • message is a simple character vector describing items that were:
    • Added (they belong in a linked namespace and were successfully added)
    • Not linked (they do not belong to a linked namespace)
    • Not found (the name doesn't exist at all)