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names ← {options} ⎕SE.Link.CaseCode filenames

The CaseCode function adds case coding to any file name. It is intended for use in functions which implement getFilename callbacks, which you can set up when you create a Link, to allow your code to generate file names. If case coding is enabled for the repository, the file name should be correctly case coded. For example, if /tmp is a currently linked folder:

      ⎕SE.Link.CaseCode 'c:\tmp\HelloWorld.apln' 'c:\tmp\FOO.aplf'
 c:/tmp/HelloWorld-41.apln  c:/tmp/FOO-7.aplf 

What is a "case code"?

A reverse binary indication of the letter cases in the main part of the name, encoded in octal. For example

HelloWorld has the uppercase indication
1000010000 which when reversed is
0000100001 which is binary for
        3310 which in octal is
        418 so the full name including case code is


filenames is a simple character vector or vector of character vectors containing file names which do not contain case codes. The file names do not need to exist, but they need to reference a currently linked folder.


  • Case coded file name(s)